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Tourism Management

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Courses Description :

This programme aims to equip learners with the necessary knowledge and skills for a career in tourism with the focus on the travel sector, upon completion of the 18 month theoretical component, students must complete and 18 month practical component by working in the tourism industry. This ensures that students are well prepared to face the world of work as an employee in the tourism industry.

Minimum entry requirements :

  • Certified Copy of Identity of Passport.
  • Highest Grade passed.
  • Completed Application Form.
  • Pass Revine placement test.
N4 - Travel Office Procedure
N4 - Travel Services
N4 - Tourism Destination
N4 - Tourism Communication
N5 - Travel Office Procedure
N5 - Travel Services
N5 - Tourism Destination
N5 - Tourism Communication
N6 - Travel Office Procedure
N6 - Travel Services
N6 - Tourism Destination
N6 - Tourism Communication
18 months of in-service training to a registered business to a job description related to the studies.
The decoration of your achievements in Graduating ceremony of National Diploma.

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