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Public Management

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Courses Description :

Public Management includes the N4 – N6 Certificates that will enable the prospective students to learn about government and municipal processes and procedures and how to be an effective manager in the public sector.

Minimum entry requirements :

  • Certified Copy of Identity of Passport.
  • Highest Grade passed.
  • Completed Application Form.
  • Pass Revine placement test.
N4 - Office Practice
N4 - Financial Accounting
N4 - Public Administration
N4 - Management Communication
N5 - Public Administration
N5 - Public Finance
N5 - Public Relations
N5 - Municipal Administration
N6 - Public Administration
N6 - Public Finance
N6 - Public Relations
N6 - Municipal Administration
18 months of in-service training to a registered business to a job description related to the studies.
The decoration of your achievements in Graduating ceremony of National Diploma.

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