College Learning Constitution


21 june

Learner Regulations

The content of this section is defined by the legislation and regulations set out in the Higher Education Act, 1997 (as amended). Where provision is made for institutional discretion, Revine Technical College rules are subject to approval by academic board of the college (as appropriate), except where expressly recorded to the contrary. These rules represent the general rules of the college and apply to all Revine College students. These rules must be read together with the applicable Revine policies, which have the same force and effect as these rules. The rules published here and related policies may be amended prior to the commencement of the following academic year.

In addition to these general rules, there may be specific rules per college and / or qualification. They will be expressly stated in the information pertaining to the college and / or qualification or in the relevant admission letters, all of which are available to registered students online. Where the rules of a college make provision for special requirements with regard to registration for a module offered in the college, the requirements will apply equally where the module is taken in another college, unless expressly stated to the contrary.

When a student registers with Revine, the student acknowledges an awareness of the prevalent rules of the college; and undertakes to be bound and abide by the rules of the institution.

The student bears the onus of ensuring that he or she is familiar with the rules pertinent to his or her registration with college. Ignorance of these rules and related institutional policies will not be accepted as an excuse for any transgression. .

Reports, records and statements of academic results

An Advance Statement:

  • A student will receive an Advance Statement in respect of a completed course level.
  • The Advance Statement is posted to the student as soon as received from Higher Education Council
  • All modules that have been passed will be indicated on the Advance Statement, together with the percentages obtained.
  • An Advance Statement will not be issued to a student who has an outstanding fee balance or outstanding library material. The Advance Statement will only be processed upon settlement of the obligation.
  • An Advance Statement is only issued after the student’s results have been finally audited for correctness.

Statement of Credits:

  • The College shall not assist students to obtain study permits except if its contact sessions are an inherent requirement of a qualification.
  • A student may request, in writing, a Statement of Credits in respect of an incomplete qualification or for a completed qualification, which will set out the modules passed by the student.
  • The logbook will only be issued upon request from student with proof of learnership

Transcript of academic record and abbreviated curriculum:

  • A student may, upon a written request, receive a transcript of his or her academic record and / or the abbreviated curriculum for modules comprising the qualification. Students may also request that the documents be sent directly to a to the place is required, the onus is on the requesting student to ensure that the information is correctly provided to the College.


  • Official programme certification of learners is received from the Department of Higher Education And Training as National Certificate or National Diploma.
  • The college will perenially host ceremony to celebrate learner's perfomance and will award decoration certificates.

College official Language

The college provides tuition in English, as approved by Academic Board, all modules are offered in English only. Prescribed books may be available in the language in which the student has chosen to receive tuition.