- National Diploma -

  • Programme: Human Resource Management
  • College: Business Studies
  • Type: N Diploma
  • Domain:Department of Higher Education And Training

Human Resource Management

Minimum entry requirements

  • Certified Copy of Identity of Passport.
  • Certified copy of Grade 12 certificate.
  • Completed application form.
  • Pass Revine placement test.

Semester 1 (N4)

N4 - Computer Practice

N4 - Personnel Management

N4 - Entrepreneurship And Business Management

N4 - Management Communication

Semester 2 (N5)

N5 - Computer Practice

N5 - Personnel Management

N5 - Labour Relations

N5 - Personnel Training

Semester 3 (N6)

N6 - Computer Practice

N6 - Personnel Management

N6 - Labour Relations

N6 - Personnel Training


18 months of in-service training to a registered business to a job description related to the studies.


The decoration of your achievements in Graduating ceremony of National Diploma.